About us

Blue Frog Designs, LLC
is a glass art studio in Simpsonville, South Carolina, the “Palmetto State”. Everything is handcrafted in our studio and each piece is unique. After several years of studying glass, and having the opportunity to learn from some of the best glass artists in the country, we (Bret and Claire) took our love of glass and art and officially opened Blue Frog Designs, LLC in 2002. Blue Frog, has saved thousands of wine bottles from our landfills (we did not drink all of them!!) and is known mostly for its Recycled Wine Bottle Cheese Trays.  In 2011, Blue Frog added a line of glassware. Each glass design is sandblasted by hand (the old fashioned way, not laser etched). Being from South Carolina, the Palmetto Tree and Moon design is obviously the most popular design, but Blue Frog can do a custom design for you if you are not into Palmetto Trees and Moons.   

Blue frog also does corporate gifts (we broke down and got that laser, although all our glassware is still sandblasted for a very nice quality finish). This has opened our product line to include custom stainless steel travel mugs, custom wooden cutting boards, coasters and lots of other really cool stuff. We can do large orders, but welcome small orders as well.

Claire is more into dogs and cats and has created adorable glass pets, each one very
unique with its own personality. Claire has also accidently broken a few of her own pieces so Bret should know that breaking his fish wasn’t personal, it just happened.

Speaking of personal, Bret has often said that Claire is like a “bull in a china shop”, and Claire does not disagree. Yes she has broken a few (hundred, okay thousand) things over the years but the beauty of glass is that you can take the broken pieces, a little imagination and a glass kiln and create something new and beautiful. I guess that works with life too, except for the glass kiln part, you don’t have to have that.


We appreciate you visiting our site and welcome! Enjoy!

Bret and Claire 

 Everyone always asks where we got the name “Blue Frog”. Well the simple truth is Bret’s favorite color is blue. We wanted the name “Blue Dog” because we love dogs and even have a few (Max, Maddie, Mollie and Milo) but “Blue Dog” was already taken. We live in a wooded area and sometimes the tree frogs are so loud that we can hardly hear each other when we sit on our deck (emptying one of those wine bottles we recycle). So we decided to go with “Blue Frog” since we had so many frogs around. Just in case you wanted to know.